Want to bring your training for Gaelforce North to home turf? We have three fantastic trail runs to get you into the groove.


Slieve League

Photo: Michael Prior Photography


Head up from the back of Slieve League following the Pilgrim’s Path. It will protect you from the winds and has some good yellow markers all the way to the top. You can keep going towards the one Man’s path, where you would want to take it easy as it is tight as the name suggest. Possibilities to make this a loop run or turn back. Stop by the Rusty Mackerel on your way down, a favourite among visitors and locals alike. Find out more about this trail run in Donegal on Irish Trails.

The Bluestack Way


Run part of the Bluestack Way at Banagher Hill. A great 16km trail, which passes the front gate of Harvey’s Point. It is an out-and-back route, and the views on the way back down are very dramatic. The route is on quiet tarmac roads and good stony hill tracks. You can of course turn back at any point before the turn back point suggested.




Choose between two routes to conquer this stunning table top Mountain, which gets its name from its steep sides and wide plateaued summit An Mhucais, the pig’s back. The first and easier route is from Falcarragh and if you are up for a challenge run up the Miners Path. From the top you get to enjoy amazing views of Cresslough, Downings all the way to Tory Island and Hornhead. Watch yourself on the way down, this path can be very steep and more a ramble then a run. More details on Mountainviews.ie.

Didn't get enough? Give the Bridle Path a go - it’s stunning and will give you a feel what’s in store at Gaelforce North!


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