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Event rules

To make our events safe, fun, fair and sustainable for everyone, we ask all competitors to:

  • Follow all event rules, instructions & signage.
  • Have all your mandatory kit with you. You will not be allowed to start without it.
  • Do not wear headphones. You will need to be able to hear what is happening around you.
  • Respect the environment & local inhabitants. We are very lucky to have access to these stunning routes.
  • Do not litter anywhere on the route. You will be disqualified immediately with no exceptions.
  • Respect & help your fellow competitors. You are all in this together.
  • Listen to our marshals. They are there for your safety.
  • International competitors must have the appropriate travel documents, visas & comprehensive medical insurance in place for this event.
  • On entering, competitors agree to a declaration to waive liability, confirm acceptance of the rules & agree to the release of personal images to the media and for event promotion purposes. The Race Director’s decisions are final.