After a tough hill run your legs can feel trashed for days - walking down the stairs is a particular killer! But incorporating a few simple tweaks into your training can make a huge difference to easing the pain of downhill running.


1. Add downhill into your training regime early and gradually build up the slope

Start with a gradual slope to begin with then build it up to steeper longer descent, incorporating some hills and rough terrain into your training. These should be your tough workout sessions - make sure your following sessions are on flatter runs.

2.  Shorten your stride

The bigger the stride downhill the harder you land which is severe on joints. Focus on smaller quicker strides in a "controlled falling" manner.  

3. Gravity is your friend

Use gravity to pull you down the hill - again with controlled short strides. If you resist the momentum your body will start to put on the brakes, reducing your efficiency and adding to those really painful quads afterwards - let yourself go. This takes practice and focus!

4. Maintain good posture

Lean forward from the hips and keep your back straight. Avoid the urge to lean back.

5. Use your arms for balance

Yes, you might look like a crazy person but flailing arms out to the side for balance is a huge help to move your centre of gravity on uneven terrain. Have you ever watched a child run downhill? They do it so effortlessly, so release your inner child and run wild :)

And of course, to run downhill, you’ll have to run uphill too, so you’ll gain all the benefits of running at an incline as well.