You’ve done the training and event day is approaching fast. Get yourself in the zone with these simple tips to help you along the way. 


Train with your nutrition and get your diet right

Try to eat the healthiest version of your own diet and focus on whole foods and high-quality carbohydrates. Don’t introduce any drastic changes in the lead up to an event! The best way to do this is to plan your meals and snacks in advance. Don't over complicate things for yourself trying too many new things, stick to simple meals and what you know. Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol!

Prepare mentally

Stay positive and tell yourself you can do this. If it’s your first time, talk to someone who has already completed a Gaelforce 10K or a similar race and see what you need to put in physically & mentally. Do what you must. If you miss a training day just get back out again the next! Don't beat yourself up. 

Try a test run

Two weeks out is the time to do very specific race training. If you are close to the race route and it is publicly accessible, this is a great time to head out there and do a test run. Alternatively, study the route maps available online and find somewhere with similar terrain.

Have a go at 6 x 1.5km or 3 x 3km at a fast race pace. Make sure to give yourself at least 10–12 days between this workout and your race!

Start to taper

Start to taper your training 7-10 days before the event by reducing the length of your runs by 10-20 minutes. Read more about tapering in How to taper for the Gaelforce 10K Trilogy.

Also don’t forget to rest, get more sleep, go slow even on easy days and spend some time focusing on your nutrition and hydration.

Optimise your training for the final week

To keep the body ready for race day, one workout early this week is good. Don’t make it too intense as you don't want to pick up an injury now! This is a good time to train running at your ideal pace - usually at zone 2 heart rate - to set this as a goal pace up and almost store it in your legs so it will be second nature on race day! Keep your runs short this week, about 30 minutes should be sufficient. 

Plan your race day breakfast and race nutrition

Have a tried and tested breakfast ready to go. Test out snack options well in advance, make sure they suit you and don’t upset your stomach.

Stay well informed!

Knowledge is power! Make sure you know the details of your race by reading your Event Guide pdf – everything you need to know is in here! You can also check event information on our website,  follow us on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll email you updates before the event. And you can email us with any queries or for advice on your preparations.

Get everything ready & arrive on time

Check the weather and make sure you have everything you need with you the night before. On event day, give yourself plenty of time to arrive and make it to the start line. Either warm up yourself or avail of the dynamic warm-up that we provided at the start line. Include a few loose strides to get the legs ready.

Enjoy yourself!

Whohooo, it’s event day! You’ve done all the hard work so this is your moment. Chat with your fellow competitors. Many will be first timers; some will be experienced folk who have been at every event. And then it’s time to go. Focus on your race and have a good one!