Thinking of taking on a trail running event? Six reasons to choose Gaelforce 10K Howth as your first trail running event. 


The route: If you’re going to take on a trail run, why not do it in style with one of the Great Runs of the World, according to Lonely Planet? This is the most challenging of the Gaelforce 10K Trilogy trail runs but the views are so spectacular that you’ll be continuously distracted by your surroundings and before you know it you’ll have crossed the finish line! 

> The camaraderie & craic: All Gaelforce events are as much about getting out there into the great outdoors and enjoying the experience together, as about competing. This means that the atmosphere is relaxed, and the camaraderie is always a big help for your first race. It’s a great event to do with a group of friends, family, workmates or your club. If you need any more convincing, take a look at our Gaelforce 10K Howth gallery.

> The support: There are usually lots of first timers taking part in this event. The feeling that you are all in this together is very encouraging and there will be lots of support on the day. Download our 10K Trail Run Training Plans to get you started, follow us on Instagram & Facebook for lots of great tips, info & inspo, and you can email us with any queries or for advice on your preparations.

> The location: The event starts and finishes at Deerpark Estate in Howth. It’s really easy to get to on the DART and by bus and there’s parking available. Howth village is a fantastic place to visit for competitors and spectators alike, with lots to do for families, friends and supporters as they wait for you to cross the finish line.

> The achievement: Do something amazing for yourself - maybe you’re raising some money for a cause close to your heart, maybe it’s a marker in your journey to fitness, or feeling good again after illness or setbacks, maybe it’s just for the pure joy of crossing the finish line, whatever it is, it’s an amazing feeling! And next year you can sign up for all 3 Gaelforce 10K Trilogy events! 

> The challenge: Signing up for your first event is a great motivator! Gaelforce 10K Howth is the final event of the Gaelforce 10K Trilogy. It’s a great late goal to finish off the running season - you can train throughout the summer and reduce those cold, dark morning sessions! So set yourself the challenge, give yourself that push and sign up today.