5 reasons to stay running and keep fit, even when you don’t feel like it. 


1.     Runners High

Physical exercise, running included, is known to release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins act as a natural "drug" that make a person more energetic, more awake and, yes, happier. The endorphins can kick in during run, after a workout or both, and are generally referred to as a "runner's high." Almost every runner experiences an elevated mood after running, and most will tell you that their moods tend to be gloomier when they don't run.

2.     Improves Sleep

It improves sleep by creating regular sleep cycles and lowering depression symptoms that have been linked to insomnia.


3.     Give You the all-important ‘Me Time’

It gives you a goal outside of the day to day work/family environments. It’s a personal challenge, an outside focus that gives you some ‘me’ time away from the daily stresses. During these times - this has now become even more imporatnt. 

4.     Goal Setting & running

Running and racing allow you to set goals. People are much happier when they are working towards a goal, whether they actually achieve it or not. The act of setting a goal and actively working towards it is what seems to trigger happiness. Reaching the goal, of course, is wonderful, but it is the journey towards the goal that leads to the most happiness. Establishing a goal for each run (even if it’s just to not walk!) creates benchmarks of your progress and a sense of accomplishment. I used telephone poles when I was getting started. “Each time I ran, I told myself to make it to ‘one more pole.’” Eventually, you might find yourself setting even crazier goals like Gaelforce West!


5 . Running Improves Self Esteem

Finally, running improves your self-esteem. Increasing endorphins, getting in better shape, working towards a goal and increasing social connections all work together to increase your overall self-esteem. Increased self-esteem leads you to be happier. 

So pull your running shoes on now and head out for a run. Your increased happiness is waiting for you.