Three is always better than one! The Gaelforce 10k Trilogy is sure to energise your running calendar this year. 

The Trilogy is made up of three amazing trail runs providing perfectly spaced goals to work towards and a way to push your running boundaries without ever getting bored. This is your ready-made fitness plan for the year ahead. Of course you don't have to choose all three, have a look at the individual events:

10 April       | Gaelforce 10k Kippure Trail

20 August   | Gaelforce 10k Bray Cliff Run

15 October | Gaelforce 10k Howth Summit

Three trail runs in three memorable locations, close to Dublin but worlds away.


Gaelforce 10k Kippure Trail

The Trilogy starts in April with the Gaelforce 10k Kippure Trail giving you an early goal for your winter/spring training. If you are a first timer it will bring you up to 10km and introduce you to the freedom of trail running.

Keep it up - Gaelforce 10k Bray Cliff Run

Keep your training going, start introducing inclines and watch your fitness grow. Legs will get stronger, breathing is easier, and you are ready to take on the  Gaelforce 10k Bray Cliff Run in August.

Finish it off - Gaelforce 10k Howth Summit

Completing the Trilogy is the Gaelforce 10km Howth Summit in October - the most challenging of the three routes with added inclines and a greater test to fitness levels. The pinnacle of your year of 10km trail races!

Be one of the first to receive our special Trilogy medal - three medals that alone are unique mementoes but together complete this perfect tri-part medal.





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