We are saying goodbye to single use plastic bottles for all of our events. Here is the low down on why, how and what!


Why are we saying goodbye to plastic bottles?

We all know plastic is bad for the environment, it pollutes our landscape and nature in general. From our own local clean ups we are all too aware of the quantity of single use plastic bottles strewn along our roads and coasts. When plastic bottles are not disposed of correctly they will certainly end up as litter along our roads and often in the sea and from here plastic can enter the food chain.In September this year the Harrow Half Marathon in London banned the use of single use plastic. Good on them!

Discarded water bottles. Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian

What changes are we making to be plastic bottle free?

For Turf Warrior and Gaelforce Howth 10km Summit this year we stepped away from using plastic bottles and provided water in containers and paper cups instead. By this action alone we avoided the use of around 1200 plastic bottles. We felt this went well and going forward we will not distribute plastic water bottles at our finsh lines.

What can you do to be single-use plastic bottle free?

If you are taking part in any of our races in 2019, we suggest you to bring your own refillable water bottle. Most people are already bringing a water bottle with them. Which means, the transition will be rather easy. Just fill up your bottle on one of our water stations. That’s it!

Another thing we recommend is bringing a collapsible cup. There are many on offer out there from metal to silicone. They are handy little things to bring along and can be stored neatly away when not needed. Have a look below for a small selection.



The Killary Gaelforce Team is determined to make our events more environmentally friendly and sustainable. You can help by saying no to single use plastic bottles too and lets hope that our small changes will encourage others to make single use plastics a thing of history.


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