It is all too easy to use the weather as an excuse not to get out for a run.....nobody ever regrets going for a run!!

With that in mind we want to help you get out with our 5 life hacks for running in the rain...and maybe you will also find some last minute Christmas gift ideas too :)


1. Unpredictable weather hack

It’s truly hard in Ireland to read the weather -  if you have seen the 4 seasons in one hour a compromise needs to be made!
Opt for a light weight rain resistant shell jacket. This is normally not fully waterproof but sturdy enough to withstand breezes & drizzles.
You want something breathable & light that won’t weigh you down if that light shower turns into a heavy storm.
**Bonus feature, these jackets are easy compactable so when the sun comes out, the guns come out & you can pop this jacket in your pocket & enjoy the rest of your run, hands free.

Your local sports shops will usually stock a good supply - Try Portwest, The Great Outdoors, Elverys 





2. Close Fitting Clothes

It’s cold, it’s wet and you want to be warm? The right clothes make the getting out all the easier!
Your best option is to wear skin tight clothes and avoid heavy layering!
Buy borrow or steal a pair of spandex leggings or shorts, whatever you feel most comfortable in. Find yourself a pair of fleece lined leggings if you are looking for extra warmth :)
A good base layer that is again skin tight and if you feel like layering up a bit, throw a fleece on top. 
These materials should whick the sweat away, keeping you warm and comfortable for longer!
These don’t have to break the bank either, there is loads of good value around and you may also find these items seasonally in Aldi or Lidl.


3. Protect your Electronics

If you love to have you phone with you on your run for safety reason, photo oppertunities or whatever (don't forget to #EnterTheElements !!) a handy and cheap way to protect your mobile phone when out embracing the elements is to use a zip lock sandwich bag - It will withstand the rain to a point, but when in doubt, double bag it!!

The zip lock bag....not just for sandwiches :)
Check out some more robust products here



4. Rainy Day Motivation Life Hack


It can be tough to get active in the winter time - TV can be interesting, you have been working hard all year, you haven't time, the children are keeping you busy!! Exhausting!!
Yes you are exhausted but weird it may be, the most effectivetreatment for exhaustion is good sleep and exercise. 

Tips to help you get out that door!!

  • Concentrate on only putting your exercise gear on, that is half of the battle. Once you have come this far, why stop there? Get outside!
  • Avoid hitting the slouch couch the second you arrive home by playing upbeat, fast pace motivational music on the car ride home. The music will wake you up and pump you up for an intense run.
  • If you like to listen to music when you exercise make a running playlist with music that has a BPM(Beats per minute) that matches your pace. Music has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of your run by motivating you with strong and powerful lyrics, and a high tempo beat to distract you from fatigue :)
  • Plan it, Do it - perhaps arraiging with a friend to meet for a run can help. 
  • You could also try sleeping in your running gear but I think that's just a step too far :)


5. Embrace the Rain

The hard part is over, you have taken that first step into the unknown!
Feel the rain on your skin, close your eyes & embrace it!
Powering through the toughest of conditions can sometimes be the most rewarding feeling. Remembering that you are stronger than the elements and stronger than the wind pushing you back.
The most important thing to remember though, is that there’s a hot cup of tea waiting for you when it’s all over :)