Cycling under the moonlight is a unique experience but its really important to stay safe and visible. As you maintiain you cycling thoughout the winter keep the following in mind before you head out on the road.


1. Let there be light

Using adequately powered bike lights should go without saying. Nowadays bike lights may seem ridiculously powerful, but when you’re riding at night there’s no such thing as too much light. If riding on road at night a relatively powerful light is important. Not only to ensure you are seen but also to recognise pot holes (!) well in advance; however be careful not to dazzle drivers with your light by angling it downwards slightly. Don’t forget a rear light, it may seem obvious but they are often forgotten and are key to ensure you remain visible at all times.

2. Ride a familiar route

When cycling at night your sense of direction can be all over the place, making it all too easy to become lost and disorientated. If you stick to a familiar road you’ll know where most of the dangerous potholes are and the turnings you need to take


3. Get a group together

Riding at night as part of a group is not only less scary, it’s much more fun and safer than riding alone. As a group you’re also much more visible to other road users.

4. Wrap up warm

 It is colder at night making it important to layer up. We highly recommend wearing or packing a waterproof jacket, a mid-ride shower or downpour could leave you soaking wet and freezing cold. Wearing thick gloves, socks and a under helmet cap is also advised as these parts of the body are more likely to feel the cold. It’s also best to wear light coloured and reflective clothing to increase your visibility to others.


5. Get organised for all eventualities

Check your backpack or saddlebag to make sure you have the essential spares, including a inner tube, pump and multi tool. It’s also worth taking additional food and water than usual as you may need more energy to get yourself home. Another worthwhile item to take is a charged mobile phone should you need a friend or relative to rescue you mid ride!


Night riding puts a whole different spin on a route. Your senses heighten and your concentration levels rocket, and paired with the satisfaction of cycling rather than staying in results in some of the most enjoyable rides of the year. 

Cycling through Connemara at night is a special experience as there is almost no light pollution. As the valleys rise up around you and the silence engulfs you the experience is one you will never forget.

If cycling at night has sparked your interest you should definately check out the Night Rider Sportif here