Tips and advice for open water sea swimming in an event

Whether you are thinking of starting open water sea swimming or have been doing it for a while it is no harm to look at your techniques and safety again. Here are our top tips for successful open water sea swimming in an event.


Are Your Snacks Letting You Down?

You have breakfast, lunch and dinner balanced and correct but are you falling down with your snacks?  We tend to focus on main meals when we are trying to manage our nutrition and then in between we are having soft drinks, a quick bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps.


Best Trail Runners – the Gaelforce Top 3 picks

There are so many trail runners on the market right now and so we thought we would wade through the techy jargon for you and give you our Top 3 Picks - tried and tested and nice and simple! 


The benefits of trail running and how to get started

So why is trail running such a fast growing sport in this country? There are huge benefits to running as we all know but trail running offers bonus benefits that people are starting to discover. Here are eight of the many reasons we love trail running and ideas on how to get involved. 


Top kayak tips for beginners and improvers

With Gaelforce Connemara on the horizon we thought it was timely to dispel a few fears participants often have about the kayak section of adventure races. We also wanted to offer our top tips to those of you who know your way around a kayak but might want to improve your time on this section.