13 March 2019

Protein Power Dinner

Some easy and quick protein rich dinner ideas from Salmon Burgers to Chicken and Prawn Stew. 


7 March 2019

Is adventure racing for me? Or only for an elite few?

Having watched thousands of competitors cross the finish line at a Killary Gaelforce event for 12 years we can be pretty sure of that adventure racing is for everyone.


1 March 2019

The 3 ‘P’s of mountain running in Ireland

Piss Poor Planning leads to Piss Poor Performance! What to always bring with you.


26 February 2019

Eating for Mental Performance

Physical training is essential for any endurance event but mental performance is what will get you through the toughest parts and the last few kilometers. 


20 February 2019

Celebrating 10 years of GAELFORCE CONNEMARA | Win a TREK Bike

GAELFORCE Connemara (aka the Connemara Adventure Challenge) Adventure Race is celebrating its 10th year in 2019 and to celebrate the thousands of people who have taken part we have a bike up for grabs.


14 February 2019

Shane's La SantéLyon 80km Race Report

Feels like ages ago but the hurt is still there.  After previously doing a 110k Ultra I approached this run with a different mindset.  Sure, it was only 80km and only 2000m of ascent, how hard could it be?


14 February 2019

Quick and Easy Protein Snacks

Focusing on fueling your body at meals is essential to getting the performance you want.  Balancing meals with quality protein and the right amount of carbs helps build and maintain muscle and supplies you with the calories you need to train and p


5 February 2019

The Gaelforce 10k Trilogy

Three is always better than one! The Gaelforce 10k Trilogy has just been launched - This is sure to energise your running calendar for 2019.


25 January 2019


Just the word ‘Ultra’ may stop you in your tracks, but it shouldn’t.


23 January 2019


As we cruise gently into 2019 it is great to have a focus for the year ahead. For this reason we have some amazing offers available.


22 January 2019

Training Through the Cold Weather: What to Eat for Immunity

Any cold gets better faster if you rest but a week of rest can really hurt your training goals.  Do what you can to keep your immune system at its healthiest by taking a look at what you eat. 


17 January 2019

The Gaelforce Adventure Series

We are delighted to announce the Gaelforce Adventure Series 2019. Who will take the title of Gaelforce Champion 2019?


15 January 2019

Adventure Racing – The Ultimate Guide

Adventure Racing may seem like a hard sport to branch into, but this guide will teach you all you need to know and show you that you too can become an adventure racer