We are all creatures of habit and routine, especially when it comes to working out. But changing it up can really benefit your body and spice up your training routine. Most of you will already add the odd gym session to your training, but here are some of our favourites especially during the summer months! 

1. Yoga

Yoga is an amazing way to increase your flexibility and give your entire body a really good deep stretch. It loosens up your muscles plus gives you light conditioning too. You will use very different parts of the body, so it can supplement your current workouts nicely. Yoga also teaches the proper mechanics of breathing from the diaphragm, which allows more oxygen in and pushes more carbon dioxide out. This is especially important for endurance athletes. Don’t take our word for it, Dublin senior footballer Michael Darragh MacAuley says yoga has improved his flexibility and has helped him to recover more quickly from tough training sessions.

2. Swimming

Brilliant to increase upper body strength and to work the core. There is no pressure on the legs making it a great recovery work-out when your legs feel spent. You never know and might take to swimming. The Great Fjord Swim is just around the corner and offers three distances to suit all levels. 

The Great Fjord Swim

3. Kayaking

Great for giving you space of mind. Taking your head off “training”. Whether you are heading for a serious workout or a gentle paddle you will work your upper body. Plus, you will be able to take in stunning views may it be on a river or at the open sea! Kayakaing is a great way to include a light workout into your vacation! 


4. SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)

It might look easy, but it’s a tougher work out than you might think. You will work your legs a lot when stand up paddle boarding. It's tiring from a posture standpoint and not as pounding as running is. It will help with your stability and balance as you don't want to fall off the board. A good one to do with a group of friends too or your family. Wherever you go this summer this is one to add to your holiday schedule! 

5. Walking

Yes walking - the worlds oldest form of exercise. We are often so focused on a tough workout, but a fast pace walk can ease up your leg muscles giving them some exercise without the impact of running. Great for an active recovery day or for tapering before an event. We even offer a walking wave on our 10k Trail Running Series, such as Gaelforce 10k Kippure on August 10th.

Gaelforce 10k Bray Cliff Run


Add something different to your training plan today. What are your favourite things to mix up your workouts?

If you are looking for your next challenge we have the following events coming up:

Gaelforce 10 Kippure | August 10th

Gaelforce North | September 21st

The Great Fjord Swim | October 12th


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