‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning to run in the rain’.

When it seems like it’s never going to stop raining, it can be all too easy to stay home. Cold and rainy weather can drain your energy and motivation, but counterintuitive as it seems, the most effective treatment is exercise. Here are our top 5 hacks to motivate you to get out there whatever the weather.


1. Get the gear right

It’s true what they say - there's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. When it’s cold and wet, the right clothes make getting out all the easier. The best option is to wear close fitting layers and avoid heavy fabrics. Get yourself a good pair of stretch leggings or shorts - or even fleece-lined leggings if you need extra warmth. A good skin tight base layer is vital and if you need to layer up, throw a fleece on top. Materials should wick the sweat away, keeping you warm and comfortable for longer. 

Opt for a good lightweight rain resistant shell jacket. These are usually not fully waterproof but sturdy enough to withstand breezes & drizzles. You want something breathable & light that won’t weigh you down if that light shower turns into a heavy storm. As a bonus feature, they’re compatible so when the sun comes out, you can pop them in your pocket & enjoy the rest of your run, hands free. Once you have your exercise gear on, that’s half of the battle!

2. Protect your electronics

There are lots of bespoke waterproof products out there, but a handy and cheap way to protect your mobile phone when out embracing the elements is to use a zip lock sandwich bag. It will withstand the rain to a point, but when in doubt, double bag it!! 

3. Music for motivation 

To avoid hitting the slouch couch as soon as you get home, play some upbeat, fast pace motivational music on your journey to wake you up and pump you up for a run. Music has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of your run by motivating you with strong and powerful lyrics, and a high tempo beat to distract you from fatigue :) Make a running playlist with music that has a BPM (beats per minute) that matches your pace.

4. Plan it, do it 

Arrange to meet a friend for a run so you can’t back out! Or join a running group. Signing up for an event is the ultimate motivator to get out to train whatever the weather. You won’t want to lose precious training time all because of a few drops of rain! Have a look at our event calendar to find your next event.

5. Embrace the Rain

Powering through the toughest of conditions can be the most rewarding feeling. Feel the rain on your skin, close your eyes & embrace it! Remembering that you are stronger than the elements and stronger than the wind and rain pushing you back. And think of that sense of achievement, hot shower and warm drink waiting for you when it’s all over:)