Whether it’s your first time taking part in an adventure race or your 100th, it's still hard sometimes to get the gear list right. Here are a few Gaelforce guidelines and gear tips on what to expect &  what to bring when you are competing in our upcoming event.


On your bike!

TOP TIP- Understand your gear! learn how to change your gears correctly & know how to change or repair your tyres.
It is mandatory to carry a tyre repair kit, so educate yourself for what you have to do in case your wheels take a turn for the worst. (Cycling Gear Tip: ensure your bike wheels have good pressure & that you get it serviced before race day)
We would recommend a road bike for Gaelforce Dublin with gatorskin tyres - your local bike machanic should be able to advise you on this. 
Check out our FAQ's for an idea of what kind of terrain you have ahead of you.


What to Pack?

​​Packing can be a tricky thing at the best of times. The last thing you want is to be lugging around an unncessary weight on your back, so make sure you only pack the essentials!
  • Cycle helmet
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Waterproof top/extra layer
  • Gloves & Hat/BUFF
To see more essential information click here our PDF for Gaelforce Dublin


Trail runners or Cleats?

Cycling is growing in popularity all the time and with this many enthusiasts are upping their game and gear.  This option now makes it a little bit more difficult choose between 1 pair of shoes or 2. A lot of experienced cyclists will opt of Clipless Pedals and cleats every time.

Check out our blog post or tips on cycling shoes

Trail runners are perfect for the running sections but if you only have normal runners for this race they will be more than adequate. I personally would only bring 1 pair of shoes for the entire event but this is a personal choice. 



Kayaking isn't normally a daily activity one can just take part in, so it's difficult to navigate your abilities prior to an event. 
​If you are a first time paddler or a regular to the water, it's always a positive to learn or be reminded of the simple paddling stokes that will help you use less energy and get the most out of your paddle.

Check out this short YouTube tutorial on how to paddle

Remember, the kayaking section is the shortest one so enjoy the cool break. Buoyancy aids are provided and our marshals will be on scene to help you. 

You will be in 2 person sit on top kayaks. You don't need to organize your own partner for this section, you will simply kayak with the next competitor who comes along :)


Staying Hydrated

The last thing you need during the race is to experience a rapid decrease in you performance. Think of your muscles pre event. Stay hydrated before, during and after the event. Did you know that your lean muscle contains more than 75% of water? When your body is lacking that essential H2O, your muscles will then become fatigued and the results will not be pleasant.

​If you are looking for an alternative to the plastic water bottles try out the option by purchasing a platypus or one of the many variations.
​They are very efficient for packing, easy storage and you don't have to worry about reaching into your bag when your thirsty with its usefull nosel to feed you water right over your shoulder.
​Click on the image below to shop water packs at Cotswold.



For more tips on staying hydrated and keeping your energy levels CLICK HERE


To back pack or not to back pack

As seen above there is a bit of gear needed so it would be advisable to bring a backpack. The hydro bags/vests are great lightweight storage for your energy bars and gels, waterproof top/extra layer.
​It doesn't need to cost an arm ad a leg, a simple light weight rucksack with an advisable adjustable waist strap will suffice.
​Note, you can leave your bag with your bike at transitions, but remember you must have your mandatory kit at all times.