Gaelforce West Competitors

As some of you might be aware Croagh Patrick is undergoing accelerated change at present due to the high numbers of people using the mountain, over 120,000 visitors in the last 12 months. 

We at Killary Gaelforce are working with the landowners, County Council, local representatives and other bodies to figure out a long term solution to this issue. 

We are still in the planning stage and are unsure what shape this ultimate solution will take. In the meantime we ask that you please;

  • Please heed the wishes of the landowners and stick to the paths (zig zag path to shoulder, path up cone to summit). There is a dibbing point at the shoulder and the summit of Croagh Patrick. If you deviate from the path you may miss one of these.
  • Come prepared and whatever you take up the mountain you need to bring back down with you.
  • For those climbing the mountain we would like to direct your attention to the Mayo Mountain Rescue safety guidelines. We also ask that you exercise all caution when climbing the mountain as the MMR are all volunteers and it behooves us to take all steps to ensure that they are only called out when absolutely necessary. All dontations from the rub downs at the Gaelforce West finish line in 2017 will go to the MMR.
  • We at Killary Gaelforce are ‘Leave no Trace' proponents and advise you to follow their guidelines when climbing Croagh Patrick. 

With regards to use of the mountain outside of Gaelfoce West we ask that you stay off the cone (summit) as much as possible in the short term to facilitate repairs which will improve the mountain in the Long Term.


Thank you for working with us on this.

The Killary Gaelforce Team