Preparing for an adventure race can some days seem daunting. Here are 9 simple tips to help you along the way.

1. Do not fear Gaelforce West!

2. Do the required training.

You do not have to be a top athlete to compete in Gaelforce West. Adventure racing is for everyone, and we want everyone to experience Gaelforce West. You do however need a level of fitness, you do need to train and prepare - I do know a person who took on the challenge without any training to prove that it could be done - he did it but I don't think he particularly enjoyed the experience! You know who you are :)

Follow our training plan here

3. Train with your nutrition and get your diet right

It is a fatal mistake to start making huge changes to your diet close to an event. Don't over complicate things for yourself. Incorporate a good diet well in advance and I find the best way to do this is to plan your meals and snacks in advance. Do not go trying new things, stick to simple meals, stick to what you know!!

4. Prepare mentally

Stay positive and tell yourself you can do this. 67km may seem like a huge challenge but if you break it down into smaller segments they can actually become very achievable. Read our First Timer details to give you a guide on how to break down the different sections of the course.

5. Know your gear and prepare it well in advance.

Do not do what I did in the past and spend the evening before the race fixing up the bike, you are just leaving yourself open to a sleepless night. Your bike on an event like Gaelforce West is your best friend and will be the making or breaking of your event. Don't forget a few spare bike tubes!! Don't be afraid to get off the bike and walk - there are sections where you will have to!! It doesn't make you a lesser person, you will still get there in the end.

6. Do not fear the kayak section.

For anyone not comfortable on water there is plenty of safety cover and you will be wearing a buoyancy aid. The kayak section can , for some be the most enjoyable. Use it as a chance to rest your legs and paddle calmly. If you have never been in a kayak before it might be a good idea to give it a go before hand, for no other reason than to take the mystery away.

7. Make sure you enjoy the event

Chat with your fellow competitors. Many will be first timers, some will be experienced folk who have been  at every event. The beauty of these adventure races is that you get to spend time with others along the way, cursing your decisions or laughing at yourself, but all the while getting closer to that glorious finish line. And believe me it is amazing.

8. Be realistic in your plans.

Do what you must, if you miss a day just get back out again the next! Don't beat yourself up.

9. Be well informed.

Know the details of your race by reading up on the website. Knowledge is power!


We have several blogs to help you on your journey and also a FAQ section.

Remember you can always contact us on if you every need more information.