Gear and Equipment Advice

25 July 2018

Alternatives to energy gels on race day

Keep your nutrition and the environment in mind on race day


14 June 2018

When Cycling is a Pain in the Rear

Most cyclists have experienced saddle soreness – it is not very nice and can cause people to shy away from cycling. Here are 5 Tips to help you through


1 March 2018

Gear Tips for Trail and Mountain Running

Running season is here, it's time to get out and enjoy our natural landscapes, to run with the Gods!


2 February 2018

Gear Tips for Gaelforce Dublin

Here are a few Gaelforce guidelines and gear tips on what to expect & bring when you are competing in our upcoming event.


20 December 2017

5 Hacks for Running in the Rain

If you want to keep your training and stay motivated over the holidays we have some hacks for you :)


1 December 2017

Juju Jay's Top Trail Running Tips

The winter is well and truly upon us...but that does not mean hybernation! Let Juju Jay inspire you to get out on the trails this weekend with his top tips for trail running :)


4 August 2017

Should I Wear Cycling Shoes for Adventure Racing?

We often get asked coming up to our events what shoes to wear, should I change my footwear at the bike section, etc.‚Äč Here we focus on the pros and cons of clipless pedals. 


2 June 2017

10 Tips For Great Race Preparation - Stay on track as your event approaches

As your event gets ever closer it's time to stay calm and focused on the challenge ahead. Your 1 month race preparation tips


22 May 2017

Training Watches - Love them or Hate them?

Can we live without them or are the an essential part of training.


6 February 2017

Check out our Event Medal Trio

Collect three to complete the circle!


11 January 2017

Q & A on the Gaelforce Dublin Cycle Route with the Cycle SuperStore

Check out what Michael Jordan, current Leinster CX Champion in his category, of The Cycle SuperStore has to say having taken on cycle leg of Gaelforce Dublin.


15 December 2016

**Win a Cannondale Cyclocross Bike**

Killary Gaelforce and John West Ireland are delighted to be in partnership again for 2017.

The year kicks off with Gaelforce Dublin on the 18th of February 2


9 August 2016

Choosing your bike for your event

We wanted to give you pros and cons of 4 different bikes and tyre combinations so that you can pick your preferred bike and still have a good performance on our event


4 May 2016

Gear up for Gaelforce with Dare 2b

For your first 10km or seasoned runners, the team at Dare 2b Basecamp share their top five pieces of running kit for training to race day. 


5 April 2016

Bike Lights - What you need to know

Get some tips on selecting the best bike lights for you


6 May 2015


Whether you’re new to the trail and stepping off the pavement for the first time, or a seasoned competitor it’s important that you find the right trail shoe that works for you.


9 February 2015


Running’s a simple sport, right? All you need is a pair of trainers, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt? Well, true, but like most of us outdoor enthusiasts, runners love gear as much as the next person.