Adventure Racing Training and Tips

12 July 2018

Gaelforce West 2018 - A View from the Front

Race report by Luke McMullan, winner of Gaelforce West 2018


14 June 2018

When Cycling is a Pain in the Rear

Most cyclists have experienced saddle soreness – it is not very nice and can cause people to shy away from cycling. Here are 5 Tips to help you through


25 May 2018

How to Taper your Training before an Adventure Race

Understanding tapering and how it can help to optimise your performance on race day


17 April 2018

Adventure Racing – The Ultimate Guide

Adventure Racing may seem like a hard sport to branch into, but this guide will teach you all you need to know and show you that you too can become an adventure racer


10 April 2018

5 Benefits of running at an incline

It isn't easy to motivate yourself to get out and go for a run sometimes, and it's even harder to motivate yourself to tackle the hills at full intensity, but if and WHEN you do!
The following will be your reward


27 March 2018

Hydrate for Success

Hydration is crucial in staving off fatigue and helping you to get to the finish line in good time and in good shape.


12 March 2018

Women who Adventure - Bump, Bike and Baby

Moire O'Sullivan has another great book out....any woman who had done an adventure race will relate to this


2 February 2018

Gear Tips for Gaelforce Dublin

Here are a few Gaelforce guidelines and gear tips on what to expect & bring when you are competing in our upcoming event.


4 August 2017

Should I Wear Cycling Shoes for Adventure Racing?

We often get asked coming up to our events what shoes to wear, should I change my footwear at the bike section, etc.​ Here we focus on the pros and cons of clipless pedals.