Getting ready for your next adventure race, we share our top 5 tips for your running training.

Gaelforce Connemara


Strides are a quick and easy way to improve your running economy and running speed. Plus they can be easily included into your existing run. Towards the end of your run or straight after find a flat stretch of path, trail or track. From there start to accelerate for around 10 seconds while staying relaxed. Maintain a tall posture and strong arm swing. Maintain a controlled sprint for approx. 10-12 seconds and then gradually reduce your speed over a few second and test or walk for a few minutes to recover.


What’s Plyometrics? They are explosive exercises using your own body weight such as jump squats, burpees, box jumps, mountain climbers. You get the gist. Yes, nobody likes these, but they will make you a better runner. We, at Gaelforce, do them at least once a week during our lunch break to balance our workouts and we all have one that we detest the most!

Gaelforce West Run - Croagh Patrick 

Hill Repeats

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Not the most fun thing to include in your training but they will pay off. Start off with ten or so and build it up from there. You will feel your glutes and legs fire up for sure with this one!


It can help to ask a friend to observe your posture while running. You should aim to be running tall! If you find this difficult doing yoga or pilates might be a good addition to your work out to give you a better posture.  Plus, core strength and a strong back will also help. Don’t forget that we are shaped by our everyday, so even trying to maintain a straighter posture in work will go a long way.

Gaelforce West - 22nd of June 2019

Vary your workout

Switching from running mode to kayaking or cycling can be a hard thing. Muscles can start cramping and it can be really unsettling during an event. It can help to throw in a few cross-training sessions, such as a long run and a cycle after or the other way around. This way your body, and not to forget your mind, will be ready for it all!

So that’s it from our side. What are your secret tips for speed and endurance? 

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