One of my favourite things about the west of Ireland and the wild atlantic way is the fact it’s clean. You can hike for days across the stunning landscape of Connemara, from the Maamturks to the 12 Bens and see no fluttering plastic bags, empty beer cans or smashed glass. Here you can truly relax and just be free.

But to keep this tranquil wonder takes work. Not hard work at all. It's rather simple. If we just follow the seven steps of the leave no trace.


  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Be Considerate of Others
  3. Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife
  4. Travel and Camp on Durable Ground
  5. Leave What You Find
  6. Dispose of Waste Properly
  7. Minimise the Effects of Fire


With these principles in mind and the summer in full swing we want everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors in their beautiful unspoilt condition. There are lots of events taking place over the summer and it's always the best time to explore the great outdoors.

While we at Killary group will try our best to have a zero impact on the landscape of Connemara. We can only do so much on our own. Therefore, I call on the members of the public, participants of our events and everyone who uses the outdoors to mimic our policy of leave no trace.

A few examples are:

Bring your own bottles of water

Leave Wildlife and farm animals alone. e.g. lambs

Apple cores, Banana skins and Orange peels, bring them with. Do not throw away.

Bring your litter home!

Let’s make your race a No Trace Race

Read Killary Gaelforce's Environmental Policy here


Killary Gaelforce and Killary Adventure Centre Staff recently took part in a clean up of our local area in Leenane - we feel so lucky to call this area home and we take great pride in bringing people here to share this area with you.