Cycling at night in Connemara is a magical experience even for the complete novice.  Having lots of experience at cycling in Connemara  I can confirm that night time cycling is the safest form of cycling in the area.  Cars are very happy to pull in and let you pass and plus with a big torch you are very visible, much more so than you would be during the day. The course profile is relatively flat and easy, better for the early part of the year when you don't have as many miles in your legs.  The only extra expense that you will have to incur is the purchase of a strong head torch but it will pay you back.

Best tips for buying bike lights

Decide your budget
Make sure you have the right lumens
Rechargable or battery pack?
Head lamp or bike mounted>
Below we give our favourite lights and also some useful websites when you are trying to decide. 

Light (torch) information


The Night Rider Sportif takes place on the 28th of April. There is a 100km, 60km  & 34km course available. You can register online for this unique event here now >>

Suitable for all levels of bike lovers :)​