Only one adventure race to go... Time to have a close look at the current ranking in the Gaelforce Adventure Series.

Let's look at the ladies first.

Yvonne Thompson currently in first position, after a slow start in spot 20 after Gaelforce Dublin. Taking the lead of the Gaelforce Adventure Series after Gaelforce Connemara and expanding on that lead during Gaelforce West.

Yvonne Thompson - IKayaking at  Gaelforce Dublin 2019

Followed by Aine Mahony, who was in the lead after Gaelforce Dublin, in second spot after Gaelforce Connemara and Gaelforce West. And currently in third position Aisling Ni Dhuibhir, who didn’t take part in Dublin but then joined the ranking in shared second spot after Gaelforce Connemara with Aine Mahony. After Gaelforce West she is in a solid third position. Followed by Melissa Kelly in spot number 4 and Charlie Cassey in 5th position.

All is still up for grabs, with Gaelforce North on the way, only one way to find out… Mark the date September 21st!

Top 10 Female Rankings

Full female rankings here

As for the gents...

Shane O'Neill started out at rank 5 after Gaelforce Dublin took the lead after Gaelforce Connemara and from there expanded his lead at Gaelforce West. Will he take prize home?


Shane O'Neill - Winner of Gaelforce Connemara 2019

Or will Brian Lawlor step up, currently in close second place. He started the season in spot 6 after a cracking race at Gaelforce Dublin. Taking to second spot in Connemara and holding his spot after Gaelforce West. Currently in third spot it is Colm McNally. He took a huge leap from 9th spot after Gaelforce Dublin to 4th spot after Gaelforce Connemara and now in 3rd spot after Gaelforce West. The three are closely followed by Ciaran McGowan in forth position and Darrin King in 5th place.

But is all still up in the air with Gaelforce North just around the corner on September 21st!

Full male rankings here

Stay tuned as we will crown the winners of the Gaelforce Adventure Series up in Donegal after Gaelforce North on September 21st! #EnterTheElements

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