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Niamh 2019

“A real and genuine thank you to the event organisers, the volunteers at the food and drink tables, the people loading the boats and the civil defence, and indeed the people of Leenane - it was really an excellent event ( this was my first open water competition). And you EVEN organised the weather!!”

Eugene 2019

“The swim was brilliant. I must congratulate you on the way the event was organised. I will spread the word and you will have more swimmers from Salterstown next year!!!”

Heather 2019

“Fabulous event!!! Well organised. Buoys big enough to sight. Loved the soup and rolls for afterwards. The medical team were professional and worked very hard. The Irish are great fun and well worth the trek to the stunning location. Thank you for everything.”

Daniel 2019

“Thank you for hosting such an amazing event, it was my first endurance event and loved it!!”

Rachel 2019

“Beautiful scenery, great organisation and a proper wild swim”

Tony 2018

Just a note to say thanks for a great event on Saturday. Unbelievable weather! Really well organised event, great atmosphere, very enjoyable. I'll be back next year. Thanks again.

Catherine 2018

Thank you to the organisers and the volunteers in kayaks. They were a terrific support. A really fantastic swim in a beautiful setting. Great day for it.

Reyes 2018

It was a fantastic swim - thanks to the organizers - brilliant day❤

Lizzy 2018

Can I just say a huge thanks a million to all the helpers-the kayakers out on the water were a huge moral as well as safety support to me and my fellow swimmers and we were all well looked after!! Can't thank you guys enough it was a great event!!

Michelle 2018

Congratulations on a great event, it was my first time doing the Killary Fjord Swim, and very much enjoyed it. It was a great atmosphere, and overall well organised.

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