(156 lengths of a 25m pool)

3.9km Course Map

Important times and locations: 
Registration: 07:00 - 08:00 at Killary Adventure Centre

Race start line: Beach start on the shores of Killary Fjord beneath Killary Adventure Centre

Safety briefing: 08:15 at the start line

Race start time: 08:30 

Race finish line: The same beach as the race started from

Cut off times: Swimmers must be able to reach the halfway point (1950M) within 1 hour and finish within 2 hours.

Anyone who does not meet these cut off times will be picked up by the water safety team.


(80 lengths of a 25m pool)

2km Course Map

Important times and locations: 
  • Location of registration and changing areas for 2km event: Killary Adventure Centre
  • Competitors will be brought by bus from Killary Adventure Centre to the pier (5 min journey) for the boat to the start line.
  • Due to the number of entries and restricted numbers on the boat, we have set up 2 waves.

There are no changes to waves allowed.

Registration time for Wave 1: 08:20 - 09:20

Wave 1 - Bus time 09:30 -  Boat departure time 10:00 - Race start time 10:40

Registration time Wave 2: 09:30 - 10:30

Wave 2 - Bus time 10:40 -  Boat departure time 11:10 - Race start time 11:50


(30 lengths of a 25m pool)

750m Course Map

Important times and locations

Registration location and times: 11:00 - 12:15 at Killary Adventure Centre

Changing areas: Killary Activity Site changing rooms

Pier for departure: The pier where the boat departs from is approximately 1 min walk from the changing areas

Boat departure time: 12:45  

It will bring you out into the Killary Fjord. After a safety briefing you will jump off the boat to reach the startline.

Race start time: 13:00.

Race finish line: You then swim back to the shore to complete the race.