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David 2019

“Wow, what an event. Heartiest congratulations on an extremely well organised and marshalled race on a course that had everything apart from swimming and flying. Applause to the marshals for being out in all that weather and for a long time due to the ten start waves.”

Collette 2019

“Thanks for a really well organised run and thanks to all the marshals and everyone at Gaelforce. I love your runs, they're so well organised and I will be doing the trilogy for sure next year, together with the sky run which I'm really looking forward to.”

John 2019

“Thanks to everyone who organised and took part. Huge thanks to the Marshals around the course and the caterers at the finish. Brilliant experience all round.”

Rebecca 2019

“Great event route today really enjoyed it - thanks to all the organisers and the very friendly Marshall’s out in the course - you are all amazing.”

Ronan 2019

“Had great fun today, definitely the hardest of the trilogy but still enjoyable. My legs aren't talking to me at the moment but we'll be friends again in a few days.”

Georgina 2019

“I decided to sign up at the eleventh hour and I’m so glad I did - this event was so much fun! An enjoyable mix of challenging terrain and scenic views, with plenty of mud too. This 10k has the friendly feel of a local club run but the good standard of organisation I would expect from a mass race, so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of of signing up next year

Claire 2019

“My first time doing a Gaelforce run today & I loved it! Very tough and wet but great fun. Looking forward to next year"

Jeff 2018

I am jogging up the hill that leads to the Deer Park Golf Club in Howth. It’s been lashing rain all morning and I am soaked to the bone but I don’t care.  I am exhausted yet exhilarated because I am minutes away from the finish line of the Gaelforce Howth Summit 10K. I’m 45 years old and this is my second time competing in this event. If you had told me three years ago, I would be doing this I’d have said you were mad.

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