Event Advice

25 October 2017

Extreme Obstacle & Mud Running Tips

Is your mud run coming up soon?

We want to make sure you are well prepared....we all know what poor preparation leads to :)


29 February 2016

5 Tips for a stress-free race!

The day you run a race, the hardest work is already done! Read our 5 tips to get you prepared for race day >>


17 February 2016

How to run up a hill and feel good

Running uphill may never be your idea of heaven but maybe this will stop it from feeling like hell!


3 February 2016

Improve your joint stability and flexibility

Better joint stability and flexibility will help you when you hit the soft Connemara hills on March 5th for the Gaelforce Mountain Run.


19 January 2016

What is mountain running?

Have you always ran on the road and are now considering heading into the mountains? 



12 January 2016

Gaelforce Mountain Run - can you become the segment leader?

For any of you who want to add a little competitiveness to your Gaelforce Mountain Run this year but not sure you can win the race, how about being the fastest on a segment of the course?