Event First Timer Info

27 March 2017

Gaelforce West - 9 Top Preperation Tips

Get yourself in the zone for Gaelforce West with these simple bites of advice. Now dust off that doubt!


23 March 2017

Training for Gaelforce West?

Don't just look at training. You do need to look at what you eat in the months coming up to the race to make sure your body is ready to go on the day.


20 March 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce West Glory (part II)

The route to Gaelforce Glory relies as heavily upon the mind as it does on the body - Check out Deirdres training progress!


15 March 2017

All Trained Out? Targeting vitamins & minerals

Is training getting harder instead of easier?  Diet can also have a real impact on how much


1 March 2017

Training Through the Cold Weather: What to Eat for Immunity

Any cold gets better faster if you rest but a week of rest can really hurt your training goals.  Do what you can to keep your immune system at its healthiest by taking a look at what you eat. 


6 February 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce West Glory

Average Joe (or Josephine!!) taking on the challenge of Gaelforce West in 2017....Read Deirdre Galvin's motivation for taking on this challenge and her training hacks.


11 January 2017

Q & A on the Gaelforce Dublin Cycle Route with the Cycle SuperStore

Check out what Michael Jordan, current Leinster CX Champion in his category, of The Cycle SuperStore has to say having taken on cycle leg of Gaelforce Dublin.


28 November 2016

Gear and equipment needed for The Great Fjord Swim

If you are new to open water swimming in cold water then this information will make the experience all the more comfortable for you! 


15 November 2016


Food diaries are a start: you need to know what you are doing before you plan changes: That way you make the most effective change first.


12 November 2016

Gaelforce North Sprint Distance - My First Timer Experience

Even though I worked for Killary Gaelforce I learned a lot from actually doing the race for the first time...and some of it was learned the hard way!


10 November 2016

5 Reasons Why We Know You Can

Need a little bit more convincing before you sign up for one of our Women's Adventure Races? Read on...


10 November 2016

First time Gaelforce West - dream big!

Yes it may be your first time entering Gaelforce West but no harm in dreaming big! Here is some extra inspiration from Peter O'Farrell's race report in 2014 when he came 2nd. 


8 November 2016

Connemara Adventure Challenge - the perfect first timer adventure race

Don’t be put off by the talk of hybrids, camel packs and Goretex - here are 10 of the reasons why this could be your first adventure race in 2017


9 August 2016

Choosing your bike for your event

We wanted to give you pros and cons of 4 different bikes and tyre combinations so that you can pick your preferred bike and still have a good performance on our event


9 June 2016

How to shift gears correctly

We have compiled some advice on gear change and a few other road bike climbing tips. The actual shifting of gears, clicking from one to another is not difficult. The key to efficient gear shifting is anticipation.