Top kayak tips for beginners and improvers

With Gaelforce Connemara on the horizon we thought it was timely to dispel a few fears participants often have about the kayak section of adventure races. We also wanted to offer our top tips to those of you who know your way around a kayak but might want to improve your time on this section.


5 Strength Exercises for Runners

Strength training is so important for runners, and yet most of us tend to forget about it and focus on what we like to do…running. But the stronger you are, the faster you’ll run, and the better you will get at uphill, downhill, trail and mountain running. It also helps preventing injuries by getting all of your body muscles stronger, not just those legs! We have selected some of our go to exercises for trail runners and included links to videos which explain how to do each one.


Adventure Race Training Plan - 12 Week Sprint Distance

We want to help you to train at home so check out Weeks 1 to 4 of our 12-Week Training Plan to get you ready for your next adventure. 


Pilates for Running

Including different forms of exercise is a really important part of your training. Pilates is a great addition and here's why!


How to Taper for the 10k series and get race ready

What’s your understanding of tapering?

Tapering means to reduce gradually. This means that before the race, usually around 7 days (depending on the race you are setting out to do), you start to reduce your training in order to ensure your body is well-rested for race day! Here are our personal tips on how to taper leading up to one of the Gaelforce 10k Series run, or similar 10k events.


Mix it up - 5 Cross Training Activities for Runners and Cyclists

We are all creatures of habit and routine, especially when it comes to working out. But changing it up can really benefit your body and spice up your training routine. Most of you will already add the odd gym session to your training, but here are some of our favourites especially during the summer months! 


5 Running Hacks For Speed and Endurance for your next Adventure Race

Getting ready for your next adventure race, we share our top 5 tips for your running training.


How to Train for a Mountain Run when you're in the City

So you've signed up for a mountain run and you live in thie city......


Three amazing Trail Runs in Donegal

Want to bring your training for Gaelforce North to home turf? We have three fantastic trail runs to get you into the groove.


5 Benefits of running at an incline

It isn't easy to motivate yourself to get out and go for a run sometimes, and it's even harder to motivate yourself to tackle the hills at full intensity, but if and WHEN you do!
The following will be your reward


5 Muscles to Exercises to get your Body Bike Ready

As essential as it is to be out on the saddle building up that endurance, it’s no longer enough for you when it comes to top ranking.
Use these 5 exercise tips to build your strength and power to hold you own out on the trails.


How to get faster at Cycling - 6 Great Tips

Do you feel like you never make any progress on the bike? That you aren’t getting any faster?  You’re doing the distance, and the sessions, but it just isn’t making a difference.  Read our 6 tips here!