20 December 2017

5 Hacks for Running in the Rain

If you want to keep your training and stay motivated over the holidays we have some hacks for you :)


11 December 2017

How to get faster at Cycling - 6 Great Tips

Do you feel like you never make any progress on the bike? That you aren’t getting any faster?  You’re doing the distance, and the sessions, but it just isn’t making a difference.  Read our 6 tips here!


1 December 2017

Juju Jay's Top Trail Running Tips

The winter is well and truly upon us...but that does not mean hybernation! Let Juju Jay inspire you to get out on the trails this weekend with his top tips for trail running :)


28 November 2017

How to Train for a Mountain Run when you're in the City

So you've signed up for a mountain run and you live in thie city......


25 October 2017

Extreme Obstacle & Mud Running Tips

Is your mud run coming up soon?

We want to make sure you are well prepared....we all know what poor preparation leads to :)


28 July 2017

Super Snacking

Always have a good snack to hand with these 6 Super Snack alternatives - Good snacks + good nourishment = achieving goals


19 July 2017

Why Running Makes You Happy

Here are 5 reasons you need to get your running shoes on right now....don't give in to the Summer Slump!


19 July 2017

Nutrition for Busy and Active Women

We look at the top five quick and easy things you can do to maximise your training and balance your nutrition.


10 July 2017

Triathlon Tips for Beginners

So many people are keen to take on new challenges and many would love to take on a triathlon  - but a fear of certain elements of this sport could be holding them back.


3 July 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce Glory (part V)

Well she planned her stragegy and she took part in her first Gaelforce West....but not only that!!


29 June 2017

Sports & Summer Salads

Salads, super foods, summer - 3 words for that fit well with your sports nutrition....and don't forget simple!<


28 June 2017


So, you finally see the finish line. It seemed like it would never come. As you cross it you are ecstatic. “Yes, I finally did it”


21 June 2017

Killary Gaelforce and our Leave No Trace ideals

As you are out an about this weekend keep these few simple principles in your mind