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Are Your Snacks Letting You Down?

You have breakfast, lunch and dinner balanced and correct but are you falling down with your snacks?  We tend to focus on main meals when we are trying to manage our nutrition and then in between we are having soft drinks, a quick bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps.


How do I complete my training goals during lockdown

Inspirational stories help us all to keep going on difficult days. Here in our own village of Leenane there is a small group of runners who have been working towards their goals and we wanted to share that story with you. Maybe you can use this story to inspire you.


Five Eco Gift Ideas this Christmas

Coming up with ideas on gifts can be tricky, additionally we often want to consider the envionement with what we are buying. So not just any gift will do. Here are five eco gift ideas from us, which we would love to get and are gifting this season. 


Pilates for Running

Including different forms of exercise is a really important part of your training. Pilates is a great addition and here's why!