Check out our running in the dark tips to keep you active this winter. The clocks have gone back and this is excellent news for all you morning runners! But for those of you who prefer to burn off a tough day at the office you need to change your routine – or do you?

Read on for our top tips to keep your running routines all year long.

1. Be Visible

The most important thing is your personal safety. Regardless of where you run it is important to be visible as you may share the route with other pedestrians and runners, cyclists or cars. There are some brilliant low-cost reflective vests available form outlets like Portwest and the Great Outdoors. Our personal favourite is OUTERDO high visibility waistcoat.

2. Light up the Darkness

As well as being seen it is also great to be able to have a good view of where you are. Running in the dark can be disorienting. There are loads of excellent head torches on the market. Only spend what you feel is worth it. If you run every night then it is worth spending a bit more.One of our own personal favourites is a Fenix HL55 this is pricey but it will also do you for cycling at night as it has capacity of 900 lumens and an excellent battery life. You won’t look back. If you are unsure you will find plenty of reviews on YouTube that might help you make a call.

3. Know your route when running the Dark

Running in the dark can be disorienting. Familiarise yourself with the route during the day as it will help keep you on track at night. Your head torch will also be a great addition to guide you the way.

4. Pacing in the Dark

Keeping pace can be a little difficult in the dark. It is not unusual to run slower as you are probably more cautions with heightened senses. If you still want to keep a good pace your running watch will be a big help. But don’t forget that running at night is an amazing experience and to be enjoyed – it’s not all about the personal best and strava.

5. No need to run on your own - Buddy up!

Maybe you prefer to run with company? It will ease the nerves of running alone in the dark plus you will be more visible. It is also a great idea to buddy up with someone to keep yourself going when motivation might take a slump.


That’s if for now, let us know if you have any tips to add and how you are getting on with your winter runs! We will keep you posted on our Instagram.


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