Running season is here and it's time to hit those trails and mountains. Let's make sure you have the basic gear so that you are well prepared and get the most enjoyment from your adventures. 

You know what they say about  poor preparation .......... :)

Mandatory kit is just that, so we will put a special emphasis on items that are essential.


*What Trail Runners?

There are vast amounts of trail runners on the market but we want to keep this simple for you

You must have trail runners with an aggressive thread for mountain running - see photo below.

Three of our favourites across the price range



What Socks?

Socks are a vital component for trail running - choose wisely and always make sure to have a test run before race day. If you have a tried and trusty pair then stick with them.  There is a saying "Cotton is Rotten" as they absorb the wet. You need socks that are fit for purpose.

Hilly do a great range of socks specifically for trail and mountain running.



Shorts or Running Leggings?

This is a personal choice. The time of year will dictate this but again if you have a tried and trusted preference stick to what you know.

If it is cold then the running leggings are a welcome addition!


*Core Layers Explained

Yes some of us get very warm while running, but we must also be wise and know that when mountain running if we have to walk or stop at any stage we will get cold very fast.

Layering is very important especially if you are mountain running in cold climates or during winter.

There are 3 main layers under your wind proof layer. A base layer and tech t-shirt are great for cold weather but wise to have an extra layer just in case.


*Windproof Jacket

This is the outer layer and should keep the wind away also helping you stay warm.

Check out some suggestions here


Around the Neck

A neck gator or buff is perfect. You can use it to protect the face as well as the neck. These are widely available in your local outdoors shops. 


*Keep the Head

Again a buff is an amazing piece of kit but there are some super running beanies on the market to suit the most style conscious mountain runner :)



Handy to have. Some suggestions here


Backpack and Hydration Vests

Whatever you choose to carry your gear in make sure it is light weight. There are some great items on the market these days



*Food & Water


Bring the appropriate amount of food and water you will need for your race. A bar, some gels and a refillable water container should be the minimum.


*Emergency Gear

There are a few pieces of kit we must always take with us.

  • Mobile Phone
  • Survival blanket to keep the elements at bay while you wait for assistance
  • Whistle to attract attention



For the Gaelforce Mountain Run the mandatory kit is as follows*

1.       Trail Running Shoes 

2.       Hooded Windproof shell

3.       Light fleece or extra thermal layer

4.       Head wear such as buff or hat

5.       Whistle

6.       Space blanket

7.       200ml water

8.       Food - minimum of 1 bar

9.       Mobile phone

Full details of The Gaelforce Mountain Run can be found on the website​