Wondering what gear you need for the Great Fjord Swim. We have compiled a list for you that will make the experience all the more comfortable for you! 

Equipment – What should I wear?

  • Wetsuit
    The event is being held in Killary Fjord in October and the average temperature in the water will roughly be 12° C. You will need to be prepared for these cool conditions. For the 750m swim a wetsuit is compulsory but it is optional for the 2km swim for those experienced in swimming in open water without one. If possible use a triathlon-specific suit as they are more flexible at the shoulders and will not restrict or compromise your strokes. Regardless of the type it is important that the suit fits you properly (too small results in difficulty in breathing and cramping, too large results in the cuffs being too loose and will let in too much water which will cause excess dragging in the water). It is important to get used to swimming in a wetsuit prior to the event as your buoyancy and stroke will be affected.

  • Googles
    Make sure they form a tighht seal against eyes and nose and allow you enough vision to see where you are travelling. Tinted goggles are useful when swimming into the sun!

  • Swim Hat
    A swim hat will help in preventing body heat escaping while you are in the open water. Wear two hats (silicone or neoprene) -  wear a thick one then put on your goggles, then a second hat. The second hat will help prevent the goggles slipping and trap more heat. For the Great Fjord Swim, your timing chip is in your swim hat. So wear your Great Fjord Swim hat loud and proud. Some people opt for wearing two swim hats, which is totally fine as long as the Great Fjord Swim hat stays on top! 

  • Tow-floats
    Tow-floats have been introduced as mandatory since the 2015 event for safety reasons. ALL competitors in ALL distances of The Great Fjord Swim must wear a tow-float. You can purchase or rent one with your online registration, otherwise you need to bring your own. 

What else should I pay attention to when packing my gear for the Great Fjord Swim?

  • Swimsuit/shorts: just like the wetsuit they should not be baggy otherwise they will cause dragging in the water.

  • Non-petroleum products: for lubrication. Apply to your neck to prevent chaffing.

  • Warm clothing: Make sure to have warm clothes waiting for you at the finish line. We will provide warm tea and coffee to get some warmth back into your bones!

  • If you are swimming in skins, bring some old clothing such as a jumper or old coat. It will keep you warm while waiting for the start of your distance.

That's it for now, we cannot wait to welcome you all to the Great Fjord Swim here at the Killary Fjord! 

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