Are you a fan of energy gels? If so you are not alone! They are a trending choice for nutrition during long endurances race as they provide a quick supply of dense energy, are small and handy to bring along plus they can be consumed easily during the race. All good, no?

As great as they might be for fuelling your body, the plastic wrappers scattered on trails or beside the road are a huge problem. We are privileged to host our races in such a beautiful untouched landscapes and scattered wrappers are a big issue.



Alternatives that are good for you and the environment

  • Fruit: The usual stables apple and bananas are great source of energy. If you find it too cumbersome, try dried fruits such as mango, banana chips, dates
  • Nuts: Need more carbs? Throw in a few nuts in the mix too.
  • Nutritional bars: We all have our favourites and if you are looking for something new. Here is a recipe to make your own Nutritional Bars or why not try out our delicious Cinnamon Flapjacks!
  • Nutritional Endurance Fuel: Another alternative is Nutritional Endurance Fuel that can be added to your water bottle - such as Tailwind. Depending on the training or race your can vary the number of calories to keep you energized all the way through. It can be a great way to have a constant fuel as you are drinking throughout the race and don’t even need to think of anything else.
  • Energy chews: They are very similar to the gels but usually have much less packaging.

If you really want to use energy gels, go for it. Just be sure to store any wrapping safely and dispose of at the end of the race.

Most importantly during training sessions and races alike leave no trace – other than your footprints! More tips on Leave no Trace in this article and in our KIllary Gaelforce Environemental Policy.