In Bump, Bike & Baby, Moire O’Sullivan charts her journey from happy, carefree mountain runner to reluctant, stay-at-home mother of two. With her sights set on winning Ireland’s National Adventure Racing Series, she manages to maintain her post-natal sanity, and slowly learns to become a loving and occasionally functioning mum.

Bridget had the pleasure of reading this book over the last few days. 

"I really enjoyed the book. The honest account of how Moire dealt with coming to terms with becoming a reluctant mum is extremely brave. For any women who are involved in sports or other activities which may not be conducive to being a mother then this is a great read. Brutally honest.... it seems Moire says things that many women experience but may not be brave enough to say. She is true to herself throughout. 

We had the pleasure of having Moire compete at the Gaelforce events over the years but not only compete, Moire went on to win Gaelforce West in 2014....she had an extra challenge that day and I could feel her pain reading her account of the day - razor blades is what I would compare it to. 

Moire is a terrific ambassador for adventure racing and sports in general. 

We wish you well with the's a terrific read"

About the author

Moire O’Sullivan is an accomplished mountain runner and adventure racer. In 2009, she became the first person to complete the Wicklow Round, a 100km circuit of Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains, run within twenty-four hours. She is married to Pete and is the proud mother of their two young sons, Aran and Cahal. While busy adapting to and learning about motherhood, Moire won Ireland’s National Adventure Race Series three times in 2014, 2016 and 2017. Bump, Bike and Baby is about this personal journey. Moire blogs at