1. Less than 10km of running/walking - This is a do-able distance, especially if you start training right now, today. 

2. Cycle for pleasure - Ok 16km sounds like a terribly long way and you have just been running but you know what, the relief you feel when you get on the bike is a great boost to the spirit. 

For more information on bike choice for the Women's Adventure Races go to our Race FAQs

3. The kayak course is short and looped - You are never far from the shore and you will have a buddy in the kayak with you

Once again in 2017 - choose to do the ADVENTURE DUATHLON  and you will be skipping the kayak section but still completing a super challenge!

4. You fit the profile of an adventure racer - Yes you do, believe it or not. All you have to do is convince yourself. 

5. Most important reason: the life-changing reason - This is often different for everyone and at last year's race we saw this reason on so many faces. 

Need more convincing? Read our First Timers Blog and you will be there!