Sorry lads. This one is also just for the ladies.

Feel like a Second Chance?

Did you take the July women’s race in Galway by storm and you want that feeling back again? Or maybe you missed that one and really want the chance to show how amazing you are? Then this is the one.


We will be based out of the GAA club in Roundwood for 2017. Hot showers, changing rooms, ample parking, fab staft/finish area - it's going to be the best location yet!

Created by Women

We are the Gaelforce women and we have created this race for us and for you. It is no less of a challenge and therefore no less of an achievement than our other races.

The Men

Hmmm…cheerleaders, child-minders, handbag-holders for the day. Yes that will do.


STAY ON DRY LAND! Same magnificent course, just without the kayak section. 

See it through to the finish. We are strong women.