Spectators are very welcome at The Great Fjord Swim.


We would ask you to please park at Killary Adventure Centre and then walk to the finish line.

Finish line:

This is the best place from which to support all of the competitors. Those that are doing the 2km or the 750m routes will be dropped by boat to the start line in Killary Fjord but will finish on the shore. Those doing the 3.9km route will start and finish on the beach. This is where they will need your support most!

Directions to the finish line:

To reach the finish line, turn right from the gate of Killary Adventure Centre and cross the road. Approx. 200m along that side of the road is an entrance to a laneway with a sign for the Connemara Hostel. Walk down there to the Killary activity site and continue to the right through the gate, past the activities and past the green building as far as the water and pier. Continue on to the beach where there is a white marquee and the finish line. This is approx 10mins walking.

We would advise you to dress warmly and wear suitable footwear for walking on rough ground.