What race you might ask http://www.maxi-race.net/en/france-home-page/ is this years challenge. Chance to see beautiful Lake Annecy from a height and sample French cheese and Wine on the recovery side.  Its almost a perfect match! In preparation for running a 110k you might ask what sort of training might be involved. There is 4 early morning runs a week plus one long run on the weekend and maybe one other.  This has been building up for over 4 months now with race day around the corner on the 27th of May we have come to the period of marginal gains.


Unlike Team Sky we don’t have professionals to deliver ‘packages’ to us in France so we are relying on other means to improve our fitness.  No stone left unturned for team Gaelforce so much so that I have hired an altitude tent to help recovery.  I have gradually been increasing the height of my sleeps and am currently staring out at the sea and sleeping at 3900m.  The benefits are improved recovery times and fitness as your body gets used to surviving with less oxygen at night.  I have rented mine from Colin in www.altitudecentre.ie and must say I am impressed so far.  It takes about a week to get up to height and then you are back sleeping soundly at near the top of Mount Blanc.


Other areas which have been looked into are diet and nutrition with the addition of more protein and carbohydrate as I struggle to keep the body from wasting away.  Gone are the sweets/ buscuits and chocolate and in are the vegetables and fruit.  Home cooked food is essential as I try to keep an eye on daily intake and what gives me the right fuel. 


With regards to the body not breaking down on race day I have been bathing my feet in Friars Balsam every day from now until race day.  This is almost like dettol but seems to be more potent and helps develop callouses on your feet.  With the addition of this the feet should be as hard as leather on race day! 


Hopefully all these parts will lead up to a successful race day.