Time is flying in and Gaelforce North, September 21st is approaching fast! Time to think about your tapering and plan your week ahead. 

Day 7: Tapering

Plan your week's training. Do not attempt any big sessions. This week is all about the taper. Do  2-3 x 30min easy jogging or cycling sessions max to channel any nervous energy. You can find more details on our in-depth training plans for Full Adventure Races and Sprint Races.

Day 6: Race strategy

Having an idea how long it will take to finish the event will help you plan your race pace and strategy. Many adventure racers train perfectly, then blow the race when they suddenly decide they feel great and attempt a pace they have never raced at before. 

Gaelforce North - 1st Cycle

Day 5: Route

If possible drive sections of the course and review the map of it online, familiarising yourself with the hills, turns and final stretch will ensure that there are no surprises on the day.

Day 4: Gear

Prepare your gear in advance so that there is no stress in the build-up to the race making sure you have everything you need for the different sections of the course including mandatory kit and all your running and cycling gear. Check the weather and plan accordingly.

Day 3: Nutrition

Plan your race day breakfast and race nutrition. Never try anything new on race day. Plan what snacks or gels and fluids you will be taking and when. To get you started have a read through Eating on the run - What to eat during a long event or Eating for Mental Performance. Want to read on? Here are more nutrional blog posts brought to you by John West.

Gaelforce North - Mount Errigal 

Day 2: Race Information

Read again the Race Information PDF to ensure you know all the details of registration and important race day information.  This will help avoid any unnecessary stress in the build up.

Day 1: Inspiring video

Chill out and watch an inspirational race video such as Dave Wottle 1972 Olympics or our own John Tracey on Youtube. Finally trust that you have put in the training and enjoy the day in stunning Donegal.

We will see you at the start line in Glenveagh National Park! 

Gaelforce North - Finish Line

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