Looking for tips on getting up to speed on your bike for your next adventure race? We have got you covered.

Keep a steady pace

Image: Gaelforce West Cycle, clearskiesahead.com

It pays off to spend a lot of your training time working on a strong foundation and a steady pace when cycling. Aim for a steady moderate pace from start to finish, you should still be able to have a chat or laugh on the bike!

Take Time off – Really!

Yes, we do mean it. Take a proper break, whatever that means to you. Give yourself and your body a rest. You will come back refreshed and rearing to go again.

Get your nutrition right

Yeah you can’t get away from nutrition. Start your day right with these Power Breakfasts. Have a look at Prep for Success and Making every bite count to get a low down on what to watch out for when it comes to nutrition.

Finish Strong

Training for a big event, your next adventure race? Safe your intervals to the end of your training. I know sounds tough, but you will gain more physical and mental rewards. Pushing yourself when you are already tired, will prepare you for the race and give you the race winning drive and stamina.

Watch your thoughts

Take some time and listen. Hear what you are telling yourself about your next training, your next race, your tiredness and turn it around. Working on positive self-talk does pay off as you have more mental strength to get on with whatever you are dealing with rather than get bogged down by it. Heavy legs on race day, a cold kicking in? Just go with it, you never know how quickly things can change and you are on a runner’s high again!


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