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Arnaud, 2020

"Beautiful landscapes around Killary Fjord, it's great to run in such environments! A lot of wind, mud, hail, rain and more wind!"

Kat, 2020

"The west coast of Ireland delivered with it's 90+kph winds and knee deep bog, what a race!"

Nicola, 2019

"There's no place like Connemara - Stunning landscapes, crazy weather & tough mountains. It was brilliant, if tough."

Chelsea, 2019

"Hands down the best running event I've been to in a while and I'm completely hooked now on adventure racing... it was my first time and I loved it. And Connemara, you are a beauty, I'll be back."

Juju, 2019

"It's 95% open mountains with steep slopes and super muddy sections you can really enjoy if it's on your ass or just staying on your feet and letting go... "

Rachel 2018

“I was definitely not expecting to win. What a great surprise and really goes to show, positive attitude is everything and just realising that we go into the mountains to enjoy them and you have to be ready for everything. Anyway, all that just to say a big thank you to you and all the team and volunteers.”

Sheila, 2018

“I think this is the gem in all the events in the calendar - just you and the elements and a few other mad people who love running / plodding in the hills in the wind and the rain - even had the delights of snow on the route - no trails or tracks just nature in front of you... Easy registration, timings the minute you come over the line and the ever good Killary soup at the end. Thanks for organising!!!”

Karl, 2018

“Brilliant race. Did intermediate and while my old trail runners could not cope it was great fun. Fell about 25 times into bog water ice snow mud the lot on tough mountain terrain. Weather was a bit*h wind and rain. I have done 14 marathons but this was way tougher but much more fun.”

Seosamh, 2018

“Thanks to all at Killary Gaelforce on last week’s mountain run they are not lying when they say it’s you versus the elements. Very challenging and very enjoyable loved every minute of it and can’t wait for next year”

Derek 2018

“Really enjoyed 12km intro yesterday in my first mountain Run, very well organised and marshalled, well done Gaelforce guys & gals. Will be back again!”

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