Well done, you have taken the first step and come to our website to learn more about the Gaelforce Howth Summit 10km. This is no ordinary 10km run, it is far better (though we may be a little biased)!

It is the perfect race to choose for your first 10km run for many reasons including:

1. As it is a trail run the terrain is varied and not as hard on the body as constantly running on the road or footpaths.

2. The views are so beautiful on a autumn evening that they help to take your mind off any physical struggle you might be having.

3. The combination of varying terrain (rough tracks, grassy trails, sealed roads) and the views make this an interesting and memorable run which is what you want for your first time doing this distance in a race.

Hopefully by now you are convinced that this is the one for you but we understand you might not know where to start with training or how to go about it, so we have created a really easy to follow training plan to bring you there.

10km Training Plan

We are also always here at the end of the phone or email to answer any queries you have or to advise you where we can on your preparations.

Good luck and we will see you in Howth on Saturday October 13th 2018!