FIRST TIMER INFO - Killary Gaelforce
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Five reasons to choose Gaelforce Howth Summit as your first 10km trail run:

  1. Getting away from the long straight roads and into trail running gives the body and mind a break and keeps it interesting and enjoyable. Your joints will thank you too!
  2. The landscape and views are varied and lovely making it worth the effort and providing a welcome distraction.
  3. For those of you from the greater Dublin area the travel to and from this Dublin 10km is minimal and for those coming from further afield, making a weekend of it in our capital city is always a plus!
  4. 10km is a nice distance to aim for and having a goal like this in October means you can train throughout the summer for it. Sign up early so that you will have no excuses!
  5. The camaraderie and the craic. Like all Gaelforce events we are as much about getting out there into the great outdoors and enjoying the experience together as about the competing. This means that the atmosphere is relaxed and the camaraderie is always a big help for your first race. 

10km Training Plan


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