At Gaelforce 10K Bray Cliff Run 2019 alone we used around 6000 paper cups, which we are trying to reduce in 2020. This is why we are introducing the Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental.

How does the Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental Work? 

When signing up to any of our Gaelforce 2020 events a Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental of €1 will be added to your booking. At the event you will receive a reusable cup at the finish line. You can use this cup for your tea, coffee and water instead of paper cups. Once you are finished with your cup, you can bring it to back to us and you will get your Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental of €1 back.

Are Gaelforce Eco Cups reused? 

After each event we will wash all cups and have them ready for the next Gaelforce event, which closes the loop.

What happens if I cancel my entry or no shows?

In case of cancellations or no shows at the event, we will donate the Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental of €1 to our exclusive charity partner Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health.

The Gaelforce Eco Cup is part of our continued efforts to reduce avoidable waste at our events. For instance, since 2018 we are not giving out any plastic bottles anymore. The Gaelforce Eco Cup will go a long way to reduce the paper cup usage at all our 2020 events.