Check out our obstacle and mud running tips below and rock your event :)


1. Mud Running Gear

This is fundamentally the most important tip of all. Having the right gear will give you comfort throughout your event.

As a very basic you should have the following

·         Running leggings

·         Long sleeve running top - avoid cotton at all costs

·         Good socks - maybe avoid white!!

·         A hat or buff on your head - not only with this keep you warm but it will cut down on the amount of muck you will have to wash out after.

·         Gloves could also be a good option

·         Depending on the time of year of the event this will vary but as Turf Warrior takes place in November we would always recommend you wear a wetsuit


2. Hydration for Mud Running

It is vital before any event where you will exert yourself that you are properly hydrated.

We all need to drink 2 litres of water per day and if we are training to taking part in an event then we need to up this.

The day before the event ensure you are well hydrated and also on the morning of the event.

You should avoid water directly before the event, so say for the last hour lay off liquids.

Have a read of your blog How is your Hydration for some additional advice


3. Mud Running Techniques

The first thing to mention is that generally these obstacle running events are non competitive. They can be for all fitness levels.

·         As much of your running is on rough, wet and muddy sections there are some points to remember. Running down hill on wet ground you should shorten your stride and move with faster feet - this will prevent slipping and keep you from losing control

·         Use your arms for balance - stick them out if you need to

·         Keep your cool - if you are struggling just pace down and keep going. You don't have to run the full thing, nobody is criticised for walking (or crawling) and that is the essence of mud running.

·         Running up hill again take short steps and stay with your comfortable pace

·         Remember being the best and fastest runner is not what this is all about. As humans we are designed to carry out varying tasks, running climbing, sliding, grappling, balancing, enduring  and problem solving - these events will test you on many levels and our strengths vary from person to person so find your strength and use that!




4. Team Work is key for extreme obstacles

Make it social event. If you are not part of a group then don't be shy in asking your fellow competitors for a hand here, or a leg up there - this is as much about your fellow competitors as about yourself.

If you have never done an obstacle run before then you will be in good company as for many it will be a first time

When you are in the dirt it's a great way to make friends!

In addition you should respect your fellow participants - don't push anyone out of your way, be patient, be a team player.


5. Embrace the mud

You are going to get dirty!! There is no doubt about it. Let yourself go, dive in and enjoy it.

You may question your sanity half way through the event but remember...this is a challenge and you will feel immensely proud of yourself when you get to that finish line.

As well as being a challenge it is also fun - so switch on that smile and soak up as much dirt and fun as you possibly can - you won't regret it.

6. Get changed and warm afterwards as quickly as possible

Strip off your wet and dirty clothes as soon as you can, don't worry too much about removing all the dirt (it's the new look anyway) and get some dry and warm clothes on ASAP. You can then relax a little, grab a beer if you can and continue having the time of your life :)


We hope to see some of you at Turf Warrior on the 5th of November 2017 - all the details can be found on