The Connemara Adventure Challenge is the perfect introductory race for those who have never done an adventure race before. We are not saying that it is easy or that you could get off your well-worn patch on the couch tomorrow and do it with no preparation, what we mean is that it is challenging and real but also manageable.

So don’t be put off by the talk of hybrids, camel packs, Goretex and such like, instead here are 10 of the reasons why the Connemara Adventure Challenge could be your first adventure race in 2017:

  1. It is a real adventure race, covering variable terrain and bringing you off the beaten track where you will need to deal with the elements and the environment. This makes crossing the finish line so much sweeter.
  2. The distances are manageable and with 3 disciplines your body will not be overly taxed in any one way.
  3. Regardless of the weather the route for this event is simply stunning. Connemara offers you up the most spectacular of its views to enjoy as you run, pedal and kayak.
  4. This is something different, exciting and memorable. For those of you graduating from a 10km road run this will bring you to a whole new place.
  5. You do need to train and prepare but not to the extent that you need to commit huge amounts of time or give up all other leisure and social pursuits. Where would the fun in that be?
  6. The training and preparation you do will pay off on the day and you will feel strong and fit and challenged giving you great satisfaction.
  7. There are so many places to go once you have completed your first adventure race – this will open up a whole new sport for you and who knows 3 months later you might be crossing the line at Gaelforce West, the ultimate Irish adventure race!
  8. Because of the challenge involved and the longer time involved, adventure races like this are great for getting to know other competitors and the camaraderie is usually a big part of it. And of course there is the small matter of the after-party that night.
  9.  Everyone taking part is doing the same distance and the same course. This is unique to the Connemara Adventure Challenge. It is a stand alone sprint race which means that there is not a longer race going on alongside your one with the confusing and disheartening effect that can have on new competitors.
  10.  There is a sense that this is what our bodies should be doing (without getting all deep and meaningful) – enjoying the outdoors, pushing ourselves physically and mentally, coping with the weather and the environment and overcoming a personal challenge.