Training Tips and Race Recovery

6 February 2018

What to Eat Before Training

Fuelling your body in the right way means you have the energy you need to get going, the hydration needed to help avoid fatigue and the protein you need to help recover ready for the next session.


1 December 2017

Juju Jay's Top Trail Running Tips

The winter is well and truly upon us...but that does not mean hybernation! Let Juju Jay inspire you to get out on the trails this weekend with his top tips for trail running :)


28 November 2017

How to Train for a Mountain Run when you're in the City

So you've signed up for a mountain run and you live in thie city......


25 October 2017

Extreme Obstacle & Mud Running Tips

Is your mud run coming up soon?

We want to make sure you are well prepared....we all know what poor preparation leads to :)


10 July 2017

Triathlon Tips for Beginners

So many people are keen to take on new challenges and many would love to take on a triathlon  - but a fear of certain elements of this sport could be holding them back.


3 July 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce Glory (part V)

Well she planned her stragegy and she took part in her first Gaelforce West....but not only that!!


28 June 2017


So, you finally see the finish line. It seemed like it would never come. As you cross it you are ecstatic. “Yes, I finally did it”


2 June 2017

10 Tips For Great Race Preparation - Stay on track as your event approaches

As your event gets ever closer it's time to stay calm and focused on the challenge ahead. Your 1 month race preparation tips


22 May 2017

Training Watches - Love them or Hate them?

Can we live without them or are the an essential part of training.


15 May 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce Glory (part IV)

We recently had the pleasure of Deirdre's company down at the Connemara Adventure Challenge - check out her valuable advice!


10 May 2017

Looking For Advice On What To Eat & How Often When Adventure Racing?

Understanding what your body needs to fuel itself during an advenutre racde is critical and can be the difference between success and failure. We have developed some practicle advice for anybody looking for information on race nutrition


24 April 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce Glory (part III)

Googling, Racing and Tying Myself in Knots in a Bid for Gaelforce Glory....Deirdre is on


27 March 2017

Gaelforce West - 9 Top Preperation Tips

Get yourself in the zone for Gaelforce West with these simple bites of advice. Now dust off that doubt!


23 March 2017

Training for Gaelforce West?

Don't just look at training. You do need to look at what you eat in the months coming up to the race to make sure your body is ready to go on the day.


20 March 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce West Glory (part II)

The route to Gaelforce Glory relies as heavily upon the mind as it does on the body - Check out Deirdres training progress!



15 March 2017

All Trained Out? Targeting vitamins & minerals

Is training getting harder instead of easier?  Diet can also have a real impact on how much


1 March 2017

Training Through the Cold Weather: What to Eat for Immunity

Any cold gets better faster if you rest but a week of rest can really hurt your training goals.  Do what you can to keep your immune system at its healthiest by taking a look at what you eat. 


6 February 2017

A First Time for Gaelforce West Glory

Average Joe (or Josephine!!) taking on the challenge of Gaelforce West in 2017....Read Deirdre Galvin's motivation for taking on this challenge and her training hacks.


11 January 2017

Q & A on the Gaelforce Dublin Cycle Route with the Cycle SuperStore

Check out what Michael Jordan, current Leinster CX Champion in his category, of The Cycle SuperStore has to say having taken on cycle leg of Gaelforce Dublin.


6 December 2016

Mental toughness training - Christmas fixes!

What better time of the year to train your mental toughness than during mid-winter and especially the Christmas/New Year period? 


22 November 2016

This might be the most important training you do for your body this winter

Are you prone to injury or protecting a weakness in the body that you fear might let you down during a race? Read on for your winter fix. 


3 November 2016

Winter Training Series - Strength and Power

Introduce variety, target your weakness and focus on the elements of your training that get overlooked the rest of the year.


30 August 2016

7 Tips to Autumn Training

Don't let your fitness level slide this winter.


5 August 2016

RACE DAY NUTRITION - 10 helpful tips for Adventure Racing

Many people are unsure how to prepare for an event or what to bring. Here we put together a few tips to help you decide.


1 July 2016

Finding Time to Train - Get out, Get wet, Get fit

Life has never been more busy. It seems that all the things invented to make our lives easier have also made life faster, with way more expectation.


9 June 2016

How to shift gears correctly

We have compiled some advice on gear change and a few other road bike climbing tips. The actual shifting of gears, clicking from one to another is not difficult. The key to efficient gear shifting is anticipation.


9 June 2016

5 Tips For Training In Hot Weather

While running in the heat is not as enjoyable as running on cool days, it certainly beats running or training in the rain!