Race & Events

Race & Events

The GAELFORCE 10K TRAIL RUN TRILOGY - Set your 2023 goals

These are no ordinary 10Ks, these are Gaelforce 10Ks! 

A trilogy of 10k trail runs in inspired locations on Ireland’s east coast, all easily accessible from Dublin city. Run one, two or all three to complete the Gaelforce 10k Trail Run Trilogy.



River, lake & sea - the ultimate swim journey

A trilogy of open water swimming events in three magical locations. Plunge into the River Shannon, Lough Derg and Killary Fjord to experience the best of Ireland’s iconic waterways. Swim one, two or all three to complete the Gaelforce Great Swim Trilogy. 


Tips and advice for open water sea swimming in an event

Whether you are thinking of starting open water sea swimming or have been doing it for a while it is no harm to look at your techniques and safety again. Here are our top tips for successful open water sea swimming in an event.


5 Strength Exercises for Runners

Strength training is so important for runners, and yet most of us tend to forget about it and focus on what we like to do…running. But the stronger you are, the faster you’ll run, and the better you will get at uphill, downhill, trail and mountain running. It also helps preventing injuries by getting all of your body muscles stronger, not just those legs! We have selected some of our go to exercises for trail runners and included links to videos which explain how to do each one.


10 Top Tips for the John West Gaelforce 10K BRAY CLIFF RUN

We want to help you get race ready in a real and simple way


Adventure Racing – The Ultimate Guide

Adventure Racing may seem like a hard sport to branch into, but this guide tells you all you need to know and show you that you too can become an adventure racer.


New to Open Water Swimming – We got ya!

This is the perfect guide for your new open water adventures. Or pass it on to any friends that you are looking to get hooked on the open water high!You know how to swim, you put in the practice. Time to sign up for a race and put it all into practise.


Our 5 Top Picks of things to do around Leenane & Killary Fjord

Leenane is a small village situated in the heart of the Killary Fjord and Connemara. It is well worth a visit, either for one of our events or for a relaxing weekend away. Here are our top 5 picks of things to do in the area:



When you think of trail running do you have visions of extreme, fanatical, super fit mountain goats going where no sane person should? Then we think it’s time we all lost our sanity, as the benefits of trail running are huge. Throw away all your preconceptions. Trail running is for anyone who runs or who would like to.



Check out the current rankings after Gaelforce West and see who is topping the poll. It's game on for Gaelforce North in September!


Shane Scully - Gaelforce West 2019 Race Report

Huge congratulations to Shane Scully, who finished at 1st place at the Gaelforce West on June 22nd. Have a read below to find how the race went for him! 


The Gaelforce 10k Trilogy

Three is always better than one! The Gaelforce 10k Trilogy is sure to energise your running calendar.


Goodbye to Plastic Bottles

We are saying goodbye to single use plastic bottles for all of our events. Here is the low down on why, how and what!


Gaelforce West 2018 - A View from the Front

Race report by Luke McMullan, winner of Gaelforce West 2018


Delicious Cinnamon Flapjacks

Whip up a batch of these delicious flapjacks in a matter of minutes for a tasty pick me up treat.



Salomon Athlete Thibaut Baronian takes on the Gaelforce Mountain Run 2018

We are honoured to be welcoming Thibaut Baronian over to compete in the Gaelforce Mountain Run this year.


Killary Gaelforce and our Leave No Trace ideals

As you are out an about this weekend keep these few simple principles in your mind


Gaelforce West - Considerations when climbing Croagh Patrick

Please stick to paths on Croagh Patrick at all times....


Jerome Bletterie's Race Report of the Salomon Gore-Tex 110km Maxi Race

​Read Jerome's race report after completing a ultra race of 110 km with 7000m assent and decent in the Frech Alps.


10 Tips For Great Race Preparation - Stay on track as your event approaches

As your event gets ever closer it's time to stay calm and focused on the challenge ahead. Your 1 month race preparation tips


Gaelforce West - 9 Top Preparation Tips

Get yourself in the zone for Gaelforce West with these simple bites of advice. Now dust off that doubt!