Cycling Training and Tips

14 June 2018

When Cycling is a Pain in the Rear

Most cyclists have experienced saddle soreness – it is not very nice and can cause people to shy away from cycling. Here are 5 Tips to help you through


21 March 2018

Unique Ways to Explore the Wild Atlantic Way

Duane Philips undertook an epic journey, tackling the Wild Atlantic Way… ON A FOOTBIKE!


20 March 2018

5 Muscles to Exercises to get your Body Bike Ready

As essential as it is to be out on the saddle building up that endurance, it’s no longer enough for you when it comes to top ranking.
Use these 5 exercise tips to build your strength and power to hold you own out on the trails.


11 December 2017

How to get faster at Cycling - 6 Great Tips

Do you feel like you never make any progress on the bike? That you aren’t getting any faster?  You’re doing the distance, and the sessions, but it just isn’t making a difference.  Read our 6 tips here!


4 August 2017

Should I Wear Cycling Shoes for Adventure Racing?

We often get asked coming up to our events what shoes to wear, should I change my footwear at the bike section, etc.‚Äč Here we focus on the pros and cons of clipless pedals. 


5 April 2016

Bike Lights - What you need to know

Get some tips on selecting the best bike lights for you