Really hot weather is  something we don't get too often in Ireland but always so welcome when it comes. Some of you will be heading off on holidays this summer and might want to stick to a training plan.

Many of us can find the heat draining if we are trying to maintain our fitness for an upcoming race.


We want to help you stay on top so here are our 7 hot weather training hacks

1.       Hydration

Very important in the hot weather to increase your intake of fluids – so increase hydration before, during and after.

On long runs bring a drink with you or plan ahead and leave bottles in strategic locations along the route

Top hack: Freeze half a bottle of water, then top it up before you start your training so you have ice cold water for the duration.

For more hydration tips check out Hydrate for Success


2.       Wearing the right gear

Avoid cotton fabrics for training – synthetic tech tops with wicking properties always best. The colour of your gear is important. Stick with light colours.

Top hack: Pop your buff in the freezer 1 hour before training and wear it around your neck or on your head.


3.       Schedule your training for early morning or late evening

Avoid the hottest times of the day – between 12 and 4pm typically are the hottest times of the day.

If possible pick a route what has shade or a breeze to help keep you cool


4.       Sun screen

Don’t forget sunscreen. Make sure you apply well in advance of heading out to allow it dry.

Plenty of choice nowadays on sweat resistant sunscreens – check out this review from

Top hack: Don’t forget to protect your head, if not with a hat then definitely sunscreen!


5.       Utilise the gym

The gym is a great way to maintain your training. You can get the distances on the tread mill as well as working on your strength training.


6.       Work on your cycling

Fortunately hot weather is perfect for cycling but do bear in mind the other points mentioned, such as hydration and sunscreen


7.       Finish off your training session with a dip

Schedule a swim into your training – this is the perfect way to cool off an incorporates cross training for your entire body.


So as you can see, with a little forward planning there’s no stopping you.

Now lets just hope we all have a great summer