1. Less than 10km of running/walking - the longest run in the Galway event is 8km and in the Wicklow event it is just less than 10km. These are both do-able distances, especially if you start training right now, today. There is a hill involved in the Galway route on the day but if you want to you can walk this one at a brisk pace - remember it is all about finishing, for your first attempt. The Wicklow run is a little longer but is relatively flat the whole way.

And another great thing to remember, there will be none of those pesky, super-fit, muscle-bound, sweaty, testosterone-pumped men to overtake you at great speed - only lots of wonderful, encouraging, friendly, sweet-smelling ladies to help get you there (sorry lads it's not that we don't like you it's just that frankly sometimes you are a bit much).

2. Cycle for pleasure - ok 14 to 16km sounds like a terribly long way and you have just been running but you know what, the relief you feel when you get on the bike is a great boost to the spirit. After that there is the stunning scenery through which you will be pedalling. Added to that we recommend you say hi to the nearest competitor to you and you never know, she might be just as happy to have a chat and keep you company as you make your way along. Forget about races and times and all that malarkey and think Jessica Fletcher ambling along with her basket on her bike on her way to solve a murder case.  Before you know it, it is over and you are nearly at the end of the race (and no one got murdered).

For more information on bike choice for the Women's Adventure Races go to our Race FAQs

3. The kayak course is short and looped - so you are never far from the shore, you will have a buddy in the kayak with you, there is lots of safety cover and if you have time, we offer the chance to come and try it out beforehand on the morning of the race. What more can we say - this is really not worth worrying about.

4. You fit the profile of an adventure racer - yes you do, believe it or not. So go to the nearest mirror and walk up and down past it and as you pass by turn and introduce yourself, just something off-hand like, "Hi I am an adventure racer" or "Hi I am training for an adventure race in July" or even "Hi my hobbie is adventure racing". You have to practice so that you are completely nonchalant as you do it. Alternatively you could take a look at the gallery of photos and the video from last year's events and there you will see every woman, and every woman you see there is an adventure racer...and don't they look happy.

5. Most important reason: the life-changing reason - this could be different for everyone and at last year's race we saw this reason on so many faces. It could be the first time you have ever crossed a finishing line, in anything; it could be achieving your goal of a return to exercise after having a baby; it could be a marker in your journey to feeling good again after mental or physical illness. It could be so many more things but whatever it is it is a great feeling and this is what we want you to share in because above all things we women are strong, we are made for endurance, we are brave, we are resilient and we are wonderful.